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Install Vinyl Stickers in Seven Steps!

January 11th, 2021

Installing vinyl stickers is not a rocket science. It is a very simple task that can be accomplished by following few steps that are mentioned below. So go through the list of subsequent steps to know the correct methods of installing your dream printed vinyl stickers.

[Step-1] Look for a perfect surface:

Before taking any other step to install a printed window sticker or a vinyl sticker, one must ensure that he/she have a clean, smooth and dry surface. It is important because if you stick your car window sticker in a dirty surface then the glue that is attached on the back side of the sticker would pick up that dirt with it, which in turn, would not allow the sticker to fix with its surface properly.

[Step-2] Clean the surface properly:

If the surface is not clean enough then your next job is to make the surface spotless dirtless, non-oily and crystal and clear. The best available surface cleaner, in this case, is the rubbing alcohol, especially because it dries itself within few seconds and lefts no residue behind. You can also use other regular cleaners like water, household detergent and any other dry cleaners. However, do not use harsh cleaners such as Windex. They often left a lot of residues behind and do not allow you the sticker to adhere well.

[Step-3] Mark the area:

Once you are done with the above-mentioned tasks then mark a particular area from that entire cleaned surface. Use masking tape to mark the required measurement, normally from left to right and top to bottom. Now leave this as it is.

[Step4] Remove that white paper:

All kinds of promotional decals or vinyl stickers are often attached to a white backing paper which actually protects sticker’s glue from air and moisture. Here, you have to slowly peel that white background and extract the actual sticker out of it.

[Step5] Place the sticker:

Now, slowly place the promotional window sticker inside that marked area and fix it up there. Please do not forget to rub the surface of the sticker with a squeegee or a credit card. This will remove the existing air bubbles from beneath the surface of the sticker.

[Step6] Peel the transparent tapes:

Last but not least, slowly peel the clear transparent tape, of at a comfortable angle. Please do it slowly and do not pull the sticker itself from its surface.

[Step7] Some extra care:

You can use a pin or a sharp pointed object to poke out the existing bubble. To get the best results, do not try to adhere the sticker under extreme hot or extreme cold environment. The preferable temperature to apply these car window stickers is 70-degree Fahrenheit.